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Why the All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Might be a V6 Only Engine Option

Sep 22, 2016 - 1:41 PM - by MagnumClub
By Patrick Rall, LXForums Editorial Staff

When the folks at Automotive News announced that the Dodge Challenger will still be offered with all-wheel drive, there was instantly a flood of speculation about an all-wheel drive Hellcat model due to some questionable reporting from other outlets. Automotive News quickly clarified their own report, explaining that the all-wheel drive Challenger would come with a V6 engine, and that has led many people to question why the first ever all-wheel drive muscle car wouldn’t come with a Hemi.

Now, I only know what Automotive News reported, so I am not saying that there will absolutely not be a Hemi-powered AWD Challenger, but it seems that when the first muscle car to spin all four wheels hits dealerships – it is only going to spin all four wheels with Pentastar V6 power.

Today, I bring you a look at a few of the most basic reasons as to why Dodge could only offer the all-wheel drive Challenger with a V6.
Costs Versus Sales

The biggest issue preventing Dodge from building a Hemi-powered AWD Challenger is the cost of producing such a vehicle compared to the likely sales volume. For Dodge to offer an AWD Challenger, not only would they have to design the full drivetrain to fit into the chassis of the car, but they would also have to undergo emission testing, crash testing and all of the other tests required to sell a car in the USA. All of that testing costs money, so when combined with the cost of developing the AWD Challenger drivetrain, this would not be an inexpensive process – especially when you consider the fact that they would have to run many of those tests for the V6 models and the Hemi models.

On the other hand, while there would be a ton of cost associated with the development of two all-wheel drive Challenger drivetrains, the take rate would be relatively low. In fact, that extremely low take rate among AWD/V8 models is why the 300C and Charger R/T are no longer offered with AWD. The take rate isn’t much better for the AWD/V6 models, but the less powerful all-wheel drive sedans have sold well enough to justify their place in the lineup. The AWD/Hemi models have not.

Basically, the costs associated with introducing an all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger with any of the V8 engines would vastly outweigh the added sales volume and the profits stemming from those additional sales units. Realistically, the AWD/V6 Challenger will likely not be a profitable project, but FCA sees enough demand to offer the least powerful muscle car with available all-wheel drive.

So who is Dodge Targeting with the AWD Challenger?

When Dodge introduced the Challenger AWD GT Concept at the SEMA Show last year, it was fitted with the 5.7L Hemi V8, so gearheads hoped that they would be able to buy a V8-powered muscle car that would have no risk of traction issues. However, Automotive News has upset many of those gearheads with the news that the AWD Challenger would be powered by the Pentastar V6.

It could clearly upset the gearheads and the high performance community if the AWD Challenger was a V6-only model, so if they aren’t looking to make those buyers happy – who is their target with this car?

Basically, the people who want to drive a Dodge Challenger year-round in areas where they get heavy amounts of snowfall are the target audience for the AWD muscle car. A V6 Challenger would be about the look of a muscle car with the versatility of all-wheel drive, and the people who buy this car will not be driven by high performance driving.

Realistically, the people who will buy a V6 all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger aren’t focused so much on driving fast as they are focused on driving 12 months out of the year regardless of the conditions. The odds are good that if they are focused on all-wheel drive capabilities, they are more likely to buy the less expensive... [Read More]
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When Does The Production of 2017 Challenger and Charger Begins

Sep 19, 2016 - 10:20 PM - by armtorque
Name:  dg017_050clh26oruo4gvm1oe0uib3g7a8m61.jpg
Views: 6733
Size:  70.5 KB

If you are waiting for a 2017 Dodge Challenger or Charger in SRT #Hellcat trim, you won't be waiting much longer - with production set to begin next month. Patrick Rall reports for TorqueNews.com in this original article titled 2017 Dodge Challenger, Charger Hellcat Production to Begin Next Month and discusses changes made.

The 2017 Dodge Challenger and 2017 Dodge Charger in SRT Hellcat trim will get the longest list of new features among all of the muscle car configurations, and for those prospective buyers holding off for the 2017 model year, you can expect to see your car sometime during the 4th quarter – with production of the 2017 model year Challenger and Charger slated to begin next month.

A few weeks back, we brought you the news that the 2017 model year examples of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat would get more changes than the other trimlines of the popular Mopar muscle cars. The changes are all fairly simple and when parked next to a 2015 or 2016 model, some people might not be able to pick out the differences.

However, with the simple changes slated for the 2017 Hellcat Challenger and Charger has come a new wave of interested new car shoppers. Across the various social media groups dedicated to these modern high performance monsters, many people have shown interest in the availability of the 2017 model year vehicles so I reached out to the folks at FCA to see when the lightly improved Dodge muscle cars will be reaching dealerships.
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Beautiful Colors of the 2017 Challenger Charger

Sep 08, 2016 - 5:09 PM - by armtorque
Name:  2017 challenger.jpg
Views: 14535
Size:  58.8 KB

We already learned what colors the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger will wear when the 2017 model year vehicles arrive, but today FCA offered up a few cool graphics showing all of the available colors on the silhouette of each Mopar muscle car.

Patrick Rall reports for TorqueNews.com in this original story, titled 2017 Dodge Challenger Charger Color Beautifully Displayed.

We learned that the two high performance Dodge cars would share all of the available exterior colors. That list of colors was fine for those prospective buyers planning a 2017 model year purchase, but for those folks who were still on the fence until they saw the colors all spread out – your day has come.

2017 Dodge Challenger Colors
The 2016 Dodge Challenger is currently offered in 10 exterior colors – Billet Silver, Bright White, Go Mango, Granite, Ivory White, Jazz Blue, Maximum Steel, Pitch Black, Redline Red and TorRed. Notice, that list doesn’t include the previously offered colors of B5 Blue or Plum Crazy Purple.

2017 Dodge Charger Colors
The 2016 Dodge Charger is currently offered in 11 exterior colors – B5 Blue, Billet Silver, Bright White, Go Mango, Granite, Ivory White, Jazz Blue, Maximum Steel, Pitch Black, Redline Red and TorRed. The limited edition option of Plum Crazy is no longer available, so it is excluded from the current color list.
  6 Replies | 1,399 Views

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